Get Thin FAST! 3 Asian Secrets For Slimming Down Without Starving

Let’s face it, you could lose a few pounds–and chances are your Americanized diet isn’t helping.

With its emphasis on processed food, simple carbohydrates, and sugar, these common American staples often equal disaster for your waistline; and worse yet, it’s harder to reverse.

So what’s the fix here?

Believe it or not, your best bet isn’t to go on a diet–instead, try eating like an Asian. Here’s why.

Why Eat Like an Asian?

Compare Western and Asian adults and you’ll notice one striking difference: Asian adults are usually slimmer and healthier.

But a fast metabolism isn’t to blame here.

Instead, what Asians share in common is a healthy yet delicious eating plan, one which emphasizes vegetables, lean meats, and a plethora of spices. It’s the exact opposite of the American diet, and it works.

So if you want to stay slim, eat like an Asian.

Here’s how.

Eat More Vegetables

When people envision the typical Asian diet, they probably think of rice–but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

In actuality, many Asian cultures place a bigger emphasis on vegetables, which are often low in calories.

For instance, in Korea a set of banchan, or an assortment of side dishes, are served with each main meal, containing several small bowls of assorted vegetables. These side dishes include several varieties of kimchi, or fermented cabbage, boiled bean sprouts, and eggplant.

As an added bonus, these vegetables are packed with fiber, helping fill you up fast.

So if you want to lose weight, trying adding several small servings of vegetables to your main meal. It’s guaranteed to slim you down while still allowing you to indulge.

Start Using Spices

Americans often think of spices as an option, not a necessity–but in many Asian countries, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to serve food without them.

As it turns out, this could also make you slim. Research shows that people who make foods flavored with spices instead of oils or high-fat products are more likely to have a normal body mass index (BMI), as well as have a reduced risk of heart disease and diabetes.

In addition, some spices could even speed up your metabolism, such as chili powder.

To reap these rewards yourself, try cooking your favorite meal with an assortment of spices instead of using cream-based sauces or oils. You’ll save on a ton of calories, but it’ll still taste good. Now that’s a win-win.

Stop Eating Out

Yes, it’s true–Americans love to eat out, and fast food restaurants aren’t exactly healthy.

On the contrary, however, people living in Asian countries tend to favor home-cooked meals, despite the prevalence of restaurants in these areas.

You too should adapt this habit as well.

To start, limit the amount of times you eat out to weekends, preferably once a week. In lieu of it, try cooking more Asian-style meals at home instead; chances are, these meals will taste better, as well as saving you some cash too.

Readers: What other diet tricks do you swear by?

Asian Diet to Lose

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